Baltini is a platform that offers in-season and genuine fashion and accessories from our partner boutiques in Italy at the best price. Through many years of extensive research and experience, Baltini was created as a unique platform that provides a seamless shopping experience. Baltini is based in New York, USA and has partnered with hundreds of high end luxury boutiques across Italy. Boutique partners are responsible for adhering to our strict quality standards. So, we subject our boutique partners to removal from our website platform if shipped products do not meet these requirements. Our Platform gives customers access to more than 100 international brands and 50,000 luxury items across Italy at the best price, up to 35% less than market price. And since its launch in 2019, Baltini has quickly established itself as the go-to destination for men's and women's fashion enthusiasts all over the world. Our business mission is to make our customers experience the wonderful sensation of satisfaction by seeing their expectations for buying luxury products realized, and exceeded. We realize that purchasing high-end product is about the whole process, not just receiving your item. Although Baltini still operates as a very unique type of platform we still continue to innovate and make changes, and we always welcome customer input to provide an unforgettable and high-level shopping experience. Our office is located in the heart of 5th avenue, considerably one of the most expensive & elegant streets in the world. From here we continue to push for absolute excellence, surrounded as we are by some of the most well known brands in the world.
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